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My space is my sanctuary. I decided early on into my MBA application process that if I was accepted into school, I would use the two year period to finally experience living alone. There are plenty of pros and cons to living alone, but a key pro for me was being able to transform my entire space into something that felt like ME.

I'm pretty proud of how far my space has come (with a lot of help from loans and support from my parents) and I want to share some of that with y'all. Is that alright? *Darius Lovehall voice*

My living room is heavily steeped in pear green/aqua tones. No particular reason other than the fact that the color reminds me of clear water. Decorating my living room made me realize two things: I am not a minimalist and I love pops of color.

Accent pillows, shelving unit book displays, dining table top accents - all in living color. Not to mention the panel painting that maintains a strong position as the center of attention on the wall behind the tv. Despite the differing color palettes strewn throughout the room, I found that a nice, subtle way of tying the room together was including glass in non-cloth furniture. As you can see, my kitchen table has a glass top, my TV stand is glass, the shelves on my shelving units are glass, and the sides of my bookcases are glass. It's a happy, classy, glassy furniture family.

To the maximalist point, I have a lot of things. Some necessary, some sentimental (sorry to this Marie Kondo), but all either worthy of display or hidden as discretely as possible.

A lot of my electronics, craft supplies, and knick knacks are hidden in plain sight. I was able to use decorative shopping bags and stacking boxes to house some of the things I don't use on a daily basis.

Some of my belongings deserve their own spotlight, though. Books, magazines, records, games, DVDs - you name it. My dream is to have a library that can fill a room, but a few shelves worth is a good start for now.

I'm a millennial. I own a bar cart. It also has glass shelves and a lot of gifted wine. 'Nuff said.

My kitchen is definitely one of the most well-organized spaces in my apartment. I'm not sure if it's been evident based on the photos I've share thus far, but I live in a studio. Because of this, my kitchen spans one wall at my entryway. I've got a good deal of storage space and I maximize it even further by using storage solutions - glass containers, storage bins, clear storage boxes, etc.

Storage aside, I had a lot of fun finding cute, functional kitchen goods. I'm a girl who happens to love toasters (microwaves just ain't it when you need to crisp a bagel), but I'm single, I have limited counter space, and I live alone. Solution? Tiny toaster. My sponges happen to be strawberry and avocado-shaped, but they are indeed functional cleaning supplies. Finally, there's a bit of decorative storage on my fridge that eliminates what might otherwise be a clutter pile of photos and magazines elsewhere in the home.

On the right side of my living room, there's a path that allows entry into my bedroom. I prefer to enter the room through the entryway closest to my bathroom, so I used this space for more unhidden storage. The clothing rack is one of three that made its way from my NYC apartment to Philly.

I was able to maximize clothing that hangs on the rack and add a bit of a personal decorative touch by buying a double-hanging closet organizer. It's a bit hard to see in this photo, but there are a few pairs of pants hanging on the same level as the Chocolate City t-shirt. To the right, I have my long gowns hanging (too long to hang in my actual closet). If I'm gon' have some storage space problems, imma make it look sexy, or whatever Kendrick Lamar said.

Next to that clothing rack is my desk. I messed around and bought a standing desk on accident. It worked out for the best. All of my day-to-day desk items (perfume, jewelry, paperwork) are at eye-level and I was able to store my trunk (more storage, more stuff) under the desk with plenty of room to spare.

I'm trying to think of yet another way to say "hidden in plain sight" without saying it. You get the point by now. I don't know that I would say I have a lot of shoes, but I would say I have so many pair that it can be hard to find places to put them.

In addition to the two bins full of shoes at the bottom of both sides of my closet, I have a bit of a display thing going on next to my desk. Cornily enough, the theme behind the alternating heels and sneakers in the organizers above was the adage "get you a girl that can do both." I love a good pump as much as I love my age-old, mini Jordan collection.

Shoes and storage aside, I've also got two night stands that store my magazines, my diffuser and sea salt lamp (thanks, mommy), my collection of eye glass cases and bedside notebooks.

In between those nightstands lies the main attraction: my bed. Black-owned print, black-owned pillows, gem tones, overhead lighting, and a bit of fringe. It's really my happy place.

Finally, Bed, Bath, and Beyond. In case you were wondering, this just transitioned into a Glossier stan post.

Kidding, but the aesthetic is there. My hanging wall organizer makes it so much easier to grab what I need and streamline my morning and evening routines. I've also taken a lot of time organizing the cabinet unit on the wall for items that I don't use on a daily basis. Which of course includes my slew of hair products - edge control is life, but y'all already knew that.

As always, thank you for reading! There are a few aspects of my space that didn't make it into this post (shower, makeup storage, actual closet organization), so, maybe I'll tackle those at a later date or on my Instagram stories.

Until then, feel free to reach out if you have any questions on where I purchased any of the items shown here. My links are your links 2kforever.


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