The Black Ceiling: Why African-American Women Aren’t Making It to the Top in Corporate America

I would be remiss in excluding my thoughts on this article in particular. The title in itself was immediate clickbait for me. As a consultant, I’m used to seeing people joyously enter into, and often joyously exit out of, my firm and sometimes the consulting industry as a whole. I often wonder, though, what drives the drain for black women in particular.

In this article, Ellen McGirt analyzes both statistics that demonstrate the fact that there is a lack of black women in the C-Suite and factors that might be driving this lack. I personally spend a great deal of time doing a mental survey of the women I know. How many women of color in my network are in a position to be a corporate executive? How many aspire to be? How many actually are? For me, these data points rarely align for many of the reasons discussed in this article.

What are your thoughts? Do you know women executives in corporate spaces? Or are most of the women that you know pursuing entrepreneurial or other career paths? Share your thoughts below!

Author: Ellen McGirt (9/27/2017)

Publication: Fortune

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