Santa Clause & Hog Maws

"On the count of 3, say chitlins - ONE, TWO, THREE-"

This quote may seem a bit outlandish. However, as the title of this post suggests, I come from a huge, loving, Southern family and that becomes increasingly evident with every moment like the one above.

Every year on Christmas day, my dad's dad's family gathers for our annual Christmas Breakfast. Instead of sleeping in and moseying downstairs mid-morning, we're usually up and at 'em and opening presents by 7 AM.

After we race through the gift-giving ritual, make it through our morning routines and crate the pets, it's off to the venue for food and family fun. As our family has grown, so has the size of the space that we require. For this reason, one branch of the original host family is responsible for planning the event each year, from securing a space to decking it out in all things Christmas.

I'm a huge fan of quality decor. This year's hosts did a great job with incorporating elements of a Winter Wonderland and elements of breakfasts past. Each year we honor one of the women who started it all: Katie Brown. In 1981, Katie and her siblings (including my great-grandmother, Blanche Williams) brought together their families at Katie's home in Northeast, Washington, DC to start what would become an annual family tradition.

Traditions like these are truly an important part of my personal foundation. No matter where I am in the world or what I'm doing, I'll always prioritize coming home and carrying on this legacy. It's a privilege and a blessing to experience a holiday like this, with almost 100 members of my family in one place at one time. We get to celebrate those present, those absent and those lost each and every year.

No matter how you celebrated Jesus' birthday today, I'm wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

.......and so is Peanut Williams.

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