It's Not Just Goodeskin, It's Great

Product(s): Goodeskin Supreme Bundle (Darrel’s Dirt Milk Cleanser, Loretta’s Love Potion Toner, Kenni’s Skin Candy Super Serum)

Jalen West’s skincare line takes a refreshingly different approach for me. As a newbie to the oil-based cleanser world, I was afraid that the cleanser would exacerbate the natural oiliness of my skin. Contrary to that belief, the oil cleanser is one of the best I’ve used to date. After cleansing with Darrel’s Dirt Milk Cleanser and Moisturizing with Kenni’s Skin Candy Super Serum, my skin always feels its smoothest.

Goodeskin is even more near and dear to my heart because it is the brain child of my former Oxon Hill High School classmate. Jalen stopped by to deliver an order of his amazing Milk Cleanser (sadly, I left my new bottle in New York) and chatted about his experiences as a new entrepreneur, skincare enthusiast, and biology student. It was refreshing to see his commitment to developing products that are making a difference for his family and friends. Not to mention, they’re FDA approved! I can’t wait to see what Jalen develops next; visit for more information on his products and his story.



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