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It's blockbuster szn. Last weekend, I pulled out all of the movie-goer stops and decided to watch A Wrinkle in Time at a dine-in theater. Now, I would be lying if I said that I remembered the line-by-line details of the book itself. I read the book as a kid, at a time in my life during which I was reading 4-5 books every two weeks like clockwork. Despite that fact, I've always been a huge science fiction/fantasy/utopic/dystopic fiction fan, and I do remember enjoying a number of books in those categories, including A Wrinkle in Time. So, seeing the movie was a must for me because childhood literature brought to life and because Oprah and because Ava.

Take all my coins. And I do mean all. Let me start by warning you that the iPic experience does not fall into my usual Budget Banger activities bucket. However, the past few weeks have been rough for me and sometimes a girl's got to splurge. So, let me tell you about iPic (Fulton Market) and why it was worth it:

I am a relatively small human. So, recliner chairs are more than enough for me to curl up, stretch out, and pretty much party however I want to. The seats at iPic are no exception to that rule. Though it was admittedly difficult for me to find my seat and row without drawing up a mental image of the seat map in my head, once I found my seat and figured out how to recline it, I was in love.

Again, this theater is full-service. Once I sat down and got myself situated, I was able to press a button and order food directly to my seat. I went with the angus beef sliders, truffle fries (I can never say no to truffle fries), and Angry Orchard's cousin, a glass of hard pear cider. The food was good, but not having to wait in line to get it was great.

I'm also not a huge popcorn fan, so the full meal with the movie was right up my alley. I don't frequent the movies, primarily because the smell of theater popcorn does some pretty bad things to my head and tummy (for all of my medical personnel out there, please feel free to share if you know why this happens). Visiting newer theaters (lower probability that years of popcorn oil scent have seeped into the very fabric of the space) helps, but so does eating while watching. Not only did I enjoy my fries and perfectly-crisped burger buns, but they also distracted my nose for a bit. And once I was finished, I could use my cloth napkin to block the eau de popcorn for the rest of the movie.

You gotta do what you gotta do when you're feeble.

As for the movie itself: magical. As I mentioned, I'm in a super emotional space these days, so the young reader in me almost cried as soon as I saw the scenes transition from the natural to the supernatural. However, haters will say it was photoshopped. As in the scenery in Uriel and Camazotz (fictional planets) wasn't super seamless in its intermingling of graphic components and people. That said, it's a visual recreation of a novel - who knows what the worlds should truly look like in practice and if the disjointed visuals aren't an intended component of the film.

Visuals aside, Storm Reid is such a powerhouse in her role as Meg Curry. For anyone who's ever struggled with low self-esteem, anger, adolescent confusion, and more, Meg is the embodiment of what it looks like to live through, and subsequently rise above, all of those things. I've seen a few reviews for this movie that suggest that this film isn't for the critics, it's for the kids and the inner kid within all of us adults. I agree with that view 110% - the message is a timeless one that highlights the importance of building up self-love and your inner light despite the woes and throes of daily life at any age.

“Do you realize how many choices had to be made since the birth of the universe to lead to the making of you just the way you are?"

- Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey)

Overall, super cute theater. Super heart-warming movie. Super relaxing environment with a touch of chic. Have you been to a full-service dine-in theater near you? Tell me all about your experience on Instagram!

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