Full (Open) House

Happy almost-holiday-weekend, beautiful people. As we in the US prepare for a day off next week, I'm looking forward to a truncated work week after a few months of life in the fast lane. Before the whirlwind really hit in earnest, I embarked on a solo self-care date: open house visiting.

Before you ask: no, I'm not leaving New York (at least not this year). But, I do enjoy taking advantage of the open houses that Street Easy includes in their weekly/monthly email notifications. The two open houses I checked out a few weeks ago were pretty interesting, and in both cases, not what I expected.

The first place I checked out was a 2,000-ft. 5 bedroom/4 bath condo in Turtle Bay that was listed for a chill $5.5 million. Nbd, right? So, you can imagine my surprise when I arrived, took the elevator up, and realized that the one door on the floor that happened to be unlocked (no signs, no welcome) was indeed the open house. In hindsight, it was kind of cool to see the condo under construction at its bare minimum and even cooler to be able to walk through and view the features and amenities in solitude and at my own pace.

The Sutton itself was a lovely building (as it should be given the, you know, million dollar condos its home to). The indoor-outdoor space transition on the entry level was a space I fell in love with at first glance. Vibrant shrubbery. Clean lines commingled with textured wall decor. My type of common space party.

I left The Sutton and headed to Henry Hall, a luxury apartment building in Hudson Yards. Henry Hall has a LOT of character. I walked in and heard 90s hip-hop over the loud speaker and had to work to conceal my amused astonishment. Henry Hall was a bit more structured in their open house preparation. I communicated that I was in fact not actually looking to rent at this time, but the rental office guides were still kind enough to show me a fully-furnished unit anyway.

Again, the common areas were to die for. Henry Hall has it all (my mixtape drop next week, get it while the rhymes are hot). Rooftop deck, check. 24-hour fitness room, check. Library, check. Soundproof recording room, check. And the recording is one feature I'll say I haven't seen in any other apartment space in New York.

Looking forward to my next impromptu self-care Saturday. What's one activity that brings you joy that you consider to be your niche? Talk to me about it on Instagram!

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