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I am extremely excited to feature Brittany Barksdale as the first in this series. I look forward to highlighting women like Brittany, who overcome the adversity that often accompanies diversity with corporate style and a smile. Take a look at the guidance that Brittany shared with respect to seeking opportunities when the time is right, notable diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace and more.

Into the Details

What are the key factors that have driven your prior decisions to look into opportunities at new firms?

A shift in culture to accommodate seemingly advantageous gains that were truly only advantageous for the short-term has driven me to seek new opportunities in the past. Employers should be careful not to make key decisions that will heavily impact culture, which may consequently short the workforce's long-term morale. Additionally, I was pushed to seek new opportunities when a firm constantly promoted its do-good values, yet failed to assure that its values were actually followed and embodied by leadership.

When you think about the inclusion and diversity efforts that you've seen in your workplaces, which have stood out to you the most and why?

I've been most impressed by diversity and inclusion events that have been promoted to and attended by individuals that are outside of the target audience of the particular diversity and inclusion group that is hosting. I think it's a beautiful thing when non-hispanics or non-blacks show out in numbers to not only attend, but genuinely enjoy and continue to promote and assist with hosting events tied to Hispanic heritage and African American heritage.

Are there ways in which your corporate career path has helped drive some of your personal goals?

As a cybersecurity consultant, my job is to help ensure that my clients take the necessary precautions to safeguard their data from intrusions and manipulation and is available at all times for use. Driving this point home everyday for large companies and its customers has forced me to do the same with my personal network of family and friends, making it a personal goal of mine to ensure that their personal data is safe and educating them on how to stand up the necessary safeguards.

How are you able to best lift as you climb?

My career is excelling right before my eyes, as I'm seeing and learning things that I thought I'd encounter 5-10 years down the line for me. Truth be told, it's not very fun taking this ride alone, so I am sure to always uplift and educate my family and friends around me whenever I get a chance. Whether it be about financial matters or career enhancement matters, I genuinely try to push out just as much knowledge as I am being fed.


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