Bubble Bath, Wine Glass

HVD, friends. Valentine's Day isn't the same as National Pampering Day (spoiler alert: that's because National Pampering Day doesn't exist), but the concept of romance and pampering are seemingly inextricably linked. This past winter holiday season, my bath bomb collection grew from zero to eight. Though I rarely have (make) time to do luxurious, relaxing things like enjoying a bath, I thought what better time to try my first bath bomb than during love week?

As you can see, I get pretty into setting the full scene with my spa days. And pretty much every other activity I undergo, quite frankly. But, rightfully so - spa days are your ode to yourself. They are, at their core, the perfect opportunity to pour yourself a glass of wine, play your favorite mood-appropriate music. Fun fact about me: I've been doing my own nails regularly since I was in middle school. By regularly, I mean twice a week because I can't stand to look at my own chipped polish. Some months, or even quarters, I'm a nail-salon-visit-every-two-weeks-like-clockwork kinda girl. However, as I mentioned, two key factors impact my ability to maintain that habit: budget and time. Practice makes perfect(ish) when it comes to self-service, but using the right products helps, too. My standard nail products of choice are: a nail buffer, a sturdy nail file, a cuticle cutter, OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Oil, and a foot file. One of my non-standard products of choice is this Conair Pedicure Spa with Vibration. Believe it or not, despite the elaborate title, you can buy it on Amazon for no more than $23. As far as nail polish itself goes, OPI and Etsy are my favorites for color polish, but when it comes to top coats - my whole life has changed, since Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat came in. As an adolescent, I would sleep with my palms facing up just to try to avoid smudging my nails, and it never worked. With this top coat, my worries about smudging my nails no matter how long I allow them to dry is black history. This polish truly does fully dry in 5 minutes. I also lost my wits and bought this SUNUV Gel Polish Dryer during Prime Day and it looks legit, but I honestly haven't used it just yet.

Back to the bath:

Another quick (and extremely important) way to make yourself feel luxurious without exerting much effort is to exfoliate. Read: extremely important. I'm definitely a soft skin fanatic. Exfoliation makes that possible more than anything else. European Wax Center's Sensual Strut Body Polish is a post-wax favorite. To the foot spa point, OPI's Pro Spa Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is fabulous for an instant heel and hand revival and you can use it in the shower if you don't have time to undergo the full foot spa process. Post exfoliation, sealing in moisture is the cherry on top of the well-smoothed and sufficiently lotioned cake. Johnson's Baby Oil is my weapon of choice - back to the basics, but it gets the job done when massaged into wet skin post-shower.

I mentioned that I now own eight (well, I used this one, so seven) bath bombs. Every single one of them is from Lush. My angelic younger brother has been surprising me with them, for Christmas and just because, ever since I complained on Twitter that I've been eyeing them from afar for months. Pictured and enjoyed: the LUSH Christmas Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt. Because I love Christmas and I love snow. Between the cocoa butter scent and the golden sheen that blanketed my bath water, you couldn't tell me I wasn't an extra in Gwen Stefani's "Luxurious" video during this bath.

While this picture doesn't do the gold speckles any justice, it does highlight another glorious addition to my bath: rose petals. I always see rose petals lovingly adorned atop blankets of bubbles in bubble bath photos, but I never realized how nice it truly is to include them. The fresh scent and the pleasing contrast of the rose petals against the lime green water and the golden sparkles gave my mind something to focus on and absorb: color. When you add in the fact that I was listening to the Love Jones soundtrack (no surprise to those who read my last post) while sipping on the glass of Gallo Pinot Noir shown in picture 1, the result was pure bliss. As they say, sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses - or the single rose that you gifted to yourself.

“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them."

- Sylvia Plath

I told myself that I would work through my bath so I wouldn't be "wasting time," but in the moment, I was too relaxed to bring myself to do so. And I'm glad about that. Self-care is indeed a competitive advantage and I can't wait to try my remaining bath bombs.

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