Baby, It's Warmer Outside

Hello, hello, fellow Wakandans. It is officially Hump Day and we're collectively on the path to the weekend. I don't know about y'all, but I've been feeling very - blah lately. Between the cold, the rain and some heightened personal stress, I've been in a sort of dazed, detached winter cocoon. However, this week's 70 degree temperatures are a great reminder that spring is coming - maybe not now, but soon. And after spring? The season we've all been waiting for.


It's never too early to start planning your summer playlist. Not only can you start planning your music playlist (prayers up for some new Drake, Rih, and most importantly, Bey), but you can also line up your list of places to play. Below you'll find a few activities that are on my radar. No, marriage is not on the agenda, but some are old (things I didn't do last year), some are new, some are borrowed (from my favorite online lists), and some are blue (think H2O).


1. Picnic in the Park

My friends often tell me that I go above and beyond with pretty much everything. A summer (or late spring, not trying to melt out here) picnic would be no exception. My daydreams involve a picnic basket, a bottle of Malbec, Unexpected Cheddar cheese from Trader Joe's with crackers and preserves (one of my favorite snacks of choice), and maybe the poached salmon arugula salad I made a few weeks ago.

I gravitate toward the picnic concept particularly for its unique nature. A picnic presents a great opportunity to get a few friends together in a non-brunch, non-party setting. And let's face it, many of us spend a lot of time indoors. A little fresh air never hurt nobody.


2. Cheese and Wine on the Water

Maybe I'll do this activity for my half birthday in July since it's on the pricier side. I would love to do a cheese and wine tasting, but on the water with a view of the New York City skyline off in the distance. There's something very exciting about the thought of pairing wine with a sunset. There are a few companies that offer this service, including Classic Harbor Line Cruises. From what I've seen across a few of the other companies that offer this service, there are also brunch cruise and sunset cruise options, for those that really want to booze and cruise. While this is probably not the best idea for friends with sensitive stomachs, the cool breeze that an excursion on the water provides can offer quite the pleasant respite during the hot summer months.


3. Rooftop Reds

I just stumbled across this rooftop vineyard in Brooklyn on an NBC New York summer activities list. Fun firsts: the Rooftop Reds vineyard in Brooklyn is the "world’s first commercially viable urban rooftop vineyard." While I don't necessarily expect it to boast the same world-class quality wine that one might enjoy across The Pond or even in Napa Valley, I am looking forward to seeing what differences I can taste in the flavor profile of a wine produced locally.

Another benefit of this excursion is the summer event series that Rooftop Reds seems to offer. Their website notes activities like vineyard happy hours, wine and cheese tastings, outdoor movie nights, and more. At the very least, a happy hour sounds lovely, but I know from experience that outdoor movies in this city are amazing, so I'm certainly looking forward to that option as well.


4. Cool by the Pool

Depending on your geography, pool access may or may not come with ease. In the middle of the concrete jungle, it does not. While I've attended work team happy hours by (not in) the pool at the Jimmy at the James, it might be interesting to visit a pool that I could actually swim in in the city during quieter summer hours. If you're feeling gutsy enough to venture into the public pool arena, the Trump Lasker Rink doubles as a pool during the summer months. This pool is also not the only one of its kind as far as public pools go, so feel free to conduct a deeper search. For the posh and private, there are a number of hotels and private clubs that offer entry to members or guests. You can make reservations online to visit the McCarren Hotel pool - the same goes for the Dream Hotel pool and for La Piscine, the pool at the Chelsea's Hôtel Americano.

Between this post and my hot pink nail polish, my summer senses are certainly tingling even more now than they were at the start of this post. What are you looking forward to this summer?


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